Gastronomes Respect Chinese Cuisine Because of These 3 Qualities

March 06, 2019

Gastronomes around the world are thankful to the Chinese culture for gifting us with vibrant Chinese cuisine. This Asian culinary culture has contributed so much to the food culture on a global basis. If you desire fast food- Chinese cuisine has something to offer; if you want comfort food-Chinese takeout has got your back, again! However, Chinese cuisine is not just about the love for food. If you walk into any of the authentic Chinese fast food restaurants in your city, then you will notice a distinctive quality about their approach.

This is because, in China, food is not just fodder for the body, but the soul as well. For the Chinese, food is the marriage of culinary art and gastronomic science. This is what makes Chinese cuisine perfect, no matter how much you fuse it with culinary techniques borrowed from other culture. A true food lover can easily recognize Chinese food even if they have never tasted that particular dish before. This is because the Chinese culinary and dining culture boasts of many qualities, such as:

i. Aesthetic enticement

Authentic Chinese dishes have a vivid alluring quality about them that none of us can resist! While that goes for any well-cooked meal, one can safely say that it applies twice as much for Chinese cuisine.

Since ancient times, the Chinese did not limit their research to the ingredients and preparation methods. They also invested significant time in presenting the dish in an aesthetic way that highlighted all the positive qualities about the item on the table.

ii. Table manners and etiquettes

Chinese culture is known for its strict adherence to discipline. So, it is not surprising that they should also have a strict code of conduct for the dining table as well. The Chinese food culture is guided by numerous table etiquettes that instil respect for the food on the table, the chef and their effort, and the respected elders with whom you are dining.

iii. Health-beneficial culinary habits

As history teaches us, the Chinese culture did not develop culinary habits primarily based on their palate; their entire cuisine was designed bearing in mind which ingredients were locally available, seasonally available and bore health benefits and medicinal values.

One can easily note these qualities, regardless of whether they order Chinese food online or dine-out.