What is Panntea

Panntea is Houston’s first healthy alternative to fast food. Gone are the days of unhealthy fast food being oily fried food from franchises. Now you can enjoy great tasting food that’s not only fast, it’s healthy. Most people who are pressed for time have to make a choice between eating healthier or grab something fast.

At Panntea, there is no more need to compromise. Our food is prepared quickly and made to order. As a bonus, most of our food is handheld, so you can eat on the go. Don’t get something unhealthy because you want food fast, get Panntea instead and revolutionize fast food.

Natural Flavours


Our Drinks

We use fresh oranges, pineapple and other fresh fruits for our fruit teas, unlike other tea places that only uses unhealthy fruit flavored syrups. We brew tea every 3 hours and dispose of the rest because we understand quality. All of our toppings are also remade every 3 hours to ensure quality so that when you visit us, you can be sure that what you get is the healthiest and freshest food and tea made fast.

Our Menu
Our Menu
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